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Our Mission

Treatment is more than just surviving. It's a matter of bringing dignity and hope to the entire population.

Our mission is to find the best treatment in the shortest time possible to everyone 

Our Story

With a desire to improve the health of our country, but without any vocation for public, elected or appointed positions and, with a great affinity for working with data, we discovered the potential that existed in the data produced by our unique health system, SUS.

After a few years of much study and structuring of tools, we were winners of an open data challenge, which materialized our hypotheses and made us believe that we could improve access to medicines and treatments, using our knowledge of data manipulation.

Are you ready to bring more hope and dignity to our entire population?

Our team has over 10 years of experience working on several strategic projects with the pharmaceutical industry, from the creation of a Brand Plan, through product launch methodologies and forecasting to the creation and execution of ETLs.

We work with four hands, together with the marketing, marketing access, medical and data teams. We combine the use of big data and machine learning methodologies, with knowledge of the public bases to all the expertise of the business teams.


No one knows your company better than your own team.

Experienced Leadership

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