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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

Patient Focus

By placing the patient at the center, we can answer questions such as... Where are the patients is doing the treatment? With the correct specialist doctor’s? Which are the necessary exams for the diagnosis? Where is there equipment available for this realization?

Patient Journey

By analyzing the patients' journey, we were able to assess - How long is the actual Journey to patients receive the correct treatment? Do they stay compliant? Are there any bottlenecks in the process that we can avoid? Is there a lack of medication for the treatment?

Patient Finder

People lost and without diagnosis due to a lack of knowledge or access to correct technology. Combining all diagnosed diseases of patients and creating machine learning models, we can identify who and where patients with different rare diseases are, anticipating their diagnoses

Real World Evidence

With more than 200 million patients identified, we can find patterns and potentials for treatments

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Integrated platform for exploration and analysis

Our platform was designed to integrate with any other data system and all market data viewers like PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik ,etc. All in a matter of days, not months

All our data complies with the LGPD and all necessary safety standards. Please feel free to involve your tech team in our conversations for any necessary technical assessments

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