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The New Standard
in Public Health Data Analytics

Data Driven Strategy - Instead of Assumptions

View Your Business - Know your Patient

Let Our Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Get access to 100% of our structured database, without the need for technical experts or infrastructure investment.

8 billion structured data points will drive your strategies with data rather than assumptions

Patient Focus

Where are the patients is doing the treatment? With the correct specialist doctor’s?

Patient Finder

People lost and without diagnosis due to a lack of knowledge or access to correct technology. Combined disease can help to find this patients

Patient Journey

How long is the actual Journey to patients receive the correct treatment? Do they stay compliant?

Real World Evidence

With more than 200 million patients identified, we can find patterns and potentials for treatments

Unprecedented Velocity 
Impeccable Reliability

Using principles of Design Thinking and Design Sprint, we have developed an agile methodology for data exploration where our team can answer any question from the public health system within 15 days

From strategic market mapping, through drug dispensing, medical performance panel to available equipment and its use in each hospital, our goal is to answer the questions that add value to the business team, and not only provide generic data that do not translate into action plans

Correct information leveraging the growth of your business

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Public Data


Unique patient




ICD Categories


Industry Awards

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Our public health system serves 75% of the Brazilian population. Are you ready to fulfill this potential?

Let's together transform patients' current journey by bringing more dignity and hope to everyone

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